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Aries 2012 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

2012 is a challenging year for Aries. Due to the long-term impact from Jupiter Aries can appear restless, stubborn and arrogant. Aries is very industrious and hard-working which will bring more opportunities for Aries in 2012. Jupiter can bring Aries more opportunities too. In addition, the impact from Saturn can bring Aries lots of pressure which may affect Aries' emotions and feelings.


For Single Aries, 2012 expects to be a lucky year. You will come across a few relationship opportunities. You may appear proactive on your date, and you will often find the other party to be very proactive too. Single Aries will consider more practical subjects about marriage as marriage is very important to Aries.

For married Aries you will have a smooth marriage life in 2012. Most of the time you can get along with each other well, though there may be conflicts or arguments from time to time. Pay more attention to your partner and your relationship during May and July.

Money Management

Aries is likely to be very fortunate on investment and money management in 2012. You are likely to find investment opportunities easily and will receive lots of help from others. Look out for investment opportunities in February, March, August and September. Watch out your expense between May and July. In addition, there is possibilities of Aries being deceived by others or having to spend money due to unexpected events.

Academic Guidance

In January and April Aries performs well academically. Aries is likely to be distracted in February and March and therefore his/her school performance may fluctuate. Aries expects to encounter lots of stress in school in May and June. Try to keep a good attitude and work hard and your will do well. In Autumn everything will go well in School for Aries. In winter Aries should try to keep up in school.


For Aries who are looking for job, February, March and April are good months. Summer time may prove to be a bit more challenging for Aries. During August and October Aries expects to be more fortunate. In November and December Aries expects to work harder in order to find a good job.

For Aries working in the office, you expect to have a smooth performance in 2012. You expect to encounter few obstacles at work. For those charged with important duties, the summer should be a period of their good performance. Although pressure and risk is great during this period, Aries will have opportunities to get promotion and awards .


On physical health Aries needs to pay attention to bones, head and face, and respiratory injury. In addition Aries needs to be wary of various sudden illness. Watch out for your health during early May to early July. You may feel fragile at the end of the year.


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