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Aries 2015 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

For Aries 2015 is a good year to reflect on your relationships with other people. Your lucky star Jupiter will assist you in getting rid of relationships that are not favorable for you. Aries expects to face less pressure in 2015. You are likely to meet someone who will become very important to you. It is a good year for Aries to meet new people. Your efforts on networking expect to pay off in 2015.


Aries expects to have a favourable relationship in 2015. Your charm is contagious and you are likely to attract attention on social occasions. It is important to behave appropriately in public and avoid flirting excessively with the opposite sex.

Lucky locations: School, Meeting Hall, Shopping Mall, Gym

Money Management

It is hard to predict Aries. financial status in 2015. You may encounter lots of investment opportunities which make it hard for you to make a decision. It is better to conduct market research and analysis before you invest. For Aries working for others there are promotion opportunities in 2015. You may need to watch out your expenses to avoid overspending.

Academic Guidance

2015 is likely to be a year when Aries may consider further study or studying abroad. Your previous efforts expect to pay off during this year. You may experience lots of pressure and may find it very tempting to loiter other than studying. It is easier for Aries to focus when the subject is something Aries takes interest in.


2015 is a year when Aries expects to make lots of preparations in order to gain fame or promotion. Aries is likely to stay ambitious and persistent. You are prepared to work hard in order to gain knowledge and experience. It is important for Aries to work on self-improvement in order to stay competitive. Try to avoid over depending on others.


Aries may find it hard to concentrate at times. It is important to avoid going to dubious places. It is important to maintain a balanced life style and it is important for you to find ways to alleviate or relieve your stress. It will help you stay positive if you can keep a nutritious and balanced diet.


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