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Aries and Ox Personality




Aries-Ox is strong-minded and is a life-long achiever.

You have a calm personality but sometimes you might be perceived as unapproachable. Aries-Ox is very talkative and conforms to social norms.

You tend to be traditional and therefore find it hard to adjust yourself to the modern society. You prefer to relocate to a secluded location and enjoy your quiet lifestyle.


Aries-Ox is able to offer an honest and sincere relationship. Your calm personality makes you a reliable partner. However you are more rational than romantic.

Aries-Ox likes those who are mature and enjoy family life.


Leo-Rooster, Leo-Rabbit or Leo-Monkey are your ideal partners.

Virgo-Pig is attracted to your steady personality and you might be attracted to Sagittarius-Dragon or Sagittarius-Monkey.

You also find Gemini-Snake is very attractive.

But Virgo-Tiger can make you very nervous and you are not suitable with Libra-Rabbit or Libra-Goat.


Aries-Ox is capable of making and saving lots of money. You put most of your energy into your career when you are young. You are suitable to be a leader and to run your own business.

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