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Aries Action and Advices

Attitude to relationships

Aries has a relaxed attitude towards ups and downs in a relationship. Aries is opposed to cheating or being cheated.

Approach to relationships

Aries is idealistic in their approach to relationships.

Approach to separation (For men)

Tell her that you want a housewife.

Approach to separation (For women)

Tell him how much you love him every day.

Signs of a change of heart

Male: He becomes impatient with you and your date with him. He appears absent-minded.
Female: She is increasingly unsatisfied with you and your capability.

Personality and consequences

Aries is full of vigor and vitality. On the other hand, Aries also tends to be self-centered.

Individual quirks

Aries is very impulsive and competitive.

How to ask out guys?

Ask Aries out by inviting him to a football match. Aries often loves sport and video games.

When breaking-up ...

Aries tries to take an easy attitude towards a breakup and moves on.

What to say about love?

Aries likes to be competitive and is not afraid of confrontation.

The Ideal Lover

Aries is full of confidence but finds it hard to tolerate people's differences. Aries ideal lover is confident, capable, and a natural leader.

Your charming characteristics

Aries is self-confident, optimistic, passionate and ambitious.

Fall in love at first sight

Aries is brave and passionate, and has high expectations of relationships.

How to communicate in a relationship?

Aries is impatient and irritable. When communicating with Aries, you should be concise and directly to your point. Beware that Aries doesn't like direct confrontation.

Money management

Aries can be an impulsive spender. You need to set a budget to avoid over-stretching yourself.

Who are you afraid of?

Aries is afraid of sharp Capricorn or troublesome Pisces. You should learn to be cool-headed and rational like Aquarius when dealing with things.


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