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Aries Kid Personality Traits

Born Mar 21~Apr 19Ruling PlanetMars
SymbolThe RamElementFire
Basic TraitI AMClosest MetalIron
Lucky DayTuesdayQualityCardinal
Lucky PlacesCityLucky Numbers6, 7
Lucky ColorBlood Red and other bold colors
Lucky FlowersGeraniums
Lucky GemsJasper and Ruby
Ruling GoldGreek-Ares; Roman- Mars
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An Aries child likes to be centre of the attention. To start with he/she will wail and cry to attract your attention. But as time goes along, he/she will gradually develop new habits to grab your attention such as banging the table with his/her cutlery.

He/She is always full of energy and likes to shout in order to be heard. He/She is eager and earnest and never stops moving about. He/She is fearless and is never afraid of making mistakes. But unfortunately he/she rarely learns from his/her mistakes.

An Aries child is very affectionate. He/She is always willing to share anything with you. He/She dislikes your authority. He/She will listen if you are gentle and kind to him/her.

An Aries child likes to be challenged from a very early age.

An Aries child is a quick learner. He/She is creative and very imaginative. He/She likes to lead from a very early age and enjoying being the first one to do anything.

As a child, Aries loves attention from you and your assurance is the source of his/her fearlessness towards the world. He/She will always come back to you for comfort whenever he/she gets hurt. As his/her parents, you should always try to be there for him/her.

An Aries child is very impatient and naughty. You often find it hard to hide anything from him/her. He/She is generous and likes to spend every penny of his/her pocket money. An Aries child enjoys helping his/her parents with the chores in the house. But you should always remember that he/she does not like to be ordered around.

An Aries child learns to be responsible from a very early age. Try to cultivate his/her sense of responsibility with logic and affection. He/She will get encouraged if you praise him/her. As his/her parents, you should ensure him/her to get enough rest, because he/she will never stop to have a rest himself/herself!

As his/her parents you should always try to nurture him/her, love him/her, and lead him/her with gentleness and affection. He/She will grow into a great man one day!

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