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Aries Male Personality Traits

Born Mar 21~Apr 19Ruling PlanetMars
SymbolThe RamElementFire
Basic TraitI AMClosest MetalIron
Lucky DayTuesdayQualityCardinal
Lucky PlacesCityLucky Numbers6, 7
Lucky ColorBlood Red and other bold colors
Lucky FlowersGeraniums
Lucky GemsJasper and Ruby
Ruling GoldGreek-Ares; Roman- Mars
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Overall personality Traits

An Aries man's life is always full of surprises because he can not stand anything dull or monotonous. He is passionate and very earnest towards life.

An Aries male likes to be treated with respect and courtesy. He will get offensive and distant if he is hurt. An Aries man is energetic, creative and his heart never grows old with time.

He is generous, compassionate and very helpful towards people around him. An Aries man can get very frustrated if he can not achieves things he wishes to achieve in life.

An Aries man is optimistic and is very honest towards his own feelings. He enjoys freedom and dislike being tied down by anyone or anything. On the other hand he is loyal, caring, loving and always full of compassion.

An Aries man disregards social norms and conventions. He prefers to follow his heart. As his friend, try to be there for him when he encounters failure. He will be always very grateful to you.


An Aries man is full of passion in a relationship. He will become very loyal, attentive and faithful once he falls in love. He finds it hurtful if a relationship doesn't work out.

An Aries man believes in true love and he will never give up searching for it. He is very romantic and can never stop surprising you in a relationship.

An Aries man will never cheat on you behind your back. He is honest and open. If a relationship doesn't work out, he will always talk to you in an open manner.

To attract an Aries man's attention, you can play hard to get, because he likes challenges and conquer the impossible. Never make the first move if you want to win an Aries man's heart.

An Aries man enjoys personal space in life as well as in a relationship. It is key to remaining understandable and caring in order to make him love you.

An Aries man can never hold his anger for long in a dispute. He is always the first one to make apologies.

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